There is an invitation in every breath and every moment to let go and merge with the Mystery of what is. 

As if slipping out of our character, just for a little bit and slipping mindlessly into the décor. Allowing ourselves to experience the full surrender, the full meeting with life. 

This mystery, that Which simply Is is called by many names: God, grace, the Divine, the Universe…it doesn’t matter how you call it and the name you have found for it. It is continually inviting you, caressing you, whispering to you softly…’there is more’…

This is a dimension to life where your mind cannot accompany you, it is only through your heart and your gut that you can truly experience the marvel. You cannot analyze your way to it, judge it, compare it, question it, demand it, criticize it…the Truth, that truth which we have all felt at one point in our lives, no matter how ‘spiritual’ we are or not can only be felt, melted into and acknowledge as a layer of existence of interconnectedness and perfection. 

It usually sneaks up on us. When we are looking in the eyes of our beloved, when we are lost in admiration of the sunset, when we feel so much joy that our whole body needs to expand in order to accommodate our throbbing heart. Often we feel it when we make love, and we lose ourselves in the pleasure of being with the other. 

It comes in the most ordinary moments, uninvited, natural, making no fuss. It is easy and graceful. 

You know it…we all feel it, at least once in our lifetime.  For some it has been enough. For others it stirs up a longing so deep, so profound and wild that make a quest out of finding out what that was. 

This has been the question of the yogis, the poems of the mystics, the lovemaking of the tantrikas. Who am I? What is real? What is the Truth?

Waking up or enlightenment has often been seen, for many, as the end of a strenuous journey. A promise of a holy land where there will be no more suffering or desire. Something you must aspire to, work for, meditate for, maybe do some more healings for, travel for… this journey fueled by our innate sentiment there must be something more.

Our beautiful, crazy identities took this idea of enlightenment polished it and made it a new goal, something new to strive for, something new to work for and accomplish. 

Enlightenment is simply a change of perspective. You stop looking and relating to life from the place of your personality. But rather from the seat of your self, of your consciousness. This is what all the techniques are here for. To support one in letting go of your constructed, perceived identity, with all its stories, traumas and beliefs. This is the ‘journey’. It is unplugging yourself from the VR set of who you are telling yourself to be and becoming aware of the bigger picture. 

It is not about finding ‘the meaning’ of life or ‘the purpose of your destiny’, because why would you require meaning or purpose when you become aware of oneness and timelessness? It is the dissolution of all meanings…the end of all opinions. A remembering, an experiencing of that which is. 

Intimacy with life occurs so naturally and so gently when we stop labeling reality as good or bad, when we stop trying to interpret, analyze or fight with what is. 

When we relax, deeply relax in this breath, in this passing moment, not wanting for something to occur or change or become, but rather opening up as a flower to receive it and enjoy it, we are starting to have intimacy with what it. 

That which we call the great mystery, love, unity is our natural state of being. State of Be-ing. It is not a state of Do-ing. It is not a state of Become-ing.

What is difficult is surrendering fully. We imagine that once we do, our identities will fade away, however they never do. This is the paradox of when we slip through the moment into deep timelessness, that nothing changes and yet everything is different. 

We often resist it, close down to it, fight against it, sometimes, mindlessly pursue it as if it is something given to us at the end of a long strenuous journey as if it something we have had to earn the right to. 

This invitation is so tender…so delicate and so infused in every moment of our life. In the rustling of the trees, the pleasure of sunrays touching our skin, the music, the sea…everything has been created for our delight. ‘Come, my love. Open up to me…let go…fully…fully….’

Such invitations cannot be understood by our intellect, but the depth our heart knows it, it longs for it, it beats for it, it is passionate for it. 

Yet, it is so difficult to let go of all those moments when you labeled life as unfair, unjust, traumatic, bad, difficult, of those moment when you have felt betrayed by life. Becoming intimate with life means giving life another chance. It is giving yourself another chance. It has to do with being fearless and stepping into the unknown. 

Some do it because there is no other way to move forward than letting go, other because the longing is so deep that holding on becomes too difficult and painful. 

In truth there is nothing to do. No where to go. No one to change. There is no ‘mission’ or ‘quest’ that we have. These are words our constructed identities love and build upon. 

There is however the meeting.  The melting. The joy. The ecstasy. The meeting with other… Ram Das had a beautiful quote ‘Treat everyone you meet like God in drag’.  Experiment… a day, in treating everyone you meet as the divine in roleplaying. 

A day in which all the unfolding, whether you agree with it or not, whether you like it or not is a love letter to you.  Allow it in. Accept it. Fully. 

How badly do you want it?

How deep is your longing of experiencing another perspective from which life can be led? How far does your heart want to stretch?

How thirsty are you after a romance with the divine?

In reality, it doesn’t matter if you become aware of your Self as Consciousness or not. There is a level of oneness where we are all enlightened…there is no rush

The question is: What is it what do you want to Experience in this lifetime? How much of being Human would you like to explore? How intimate would like to be with Existence? 

We are all mystics, whether we choose to whirl or not…

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